3 Easy Ways to host Outdoors this May Bank Holiday

04 May. 2021, 21:04
3 Easy Ways to host Outdoors this May Bank Holiday

Location, location, location? Garden, Park or even doorstep.

Hosting is very much about the space as it is about the food and drinks. It’s always handy to check the forecast a few days beforehand. If you can, it’s nice to create an indoor/ outdoor space, think canopies or an open gazebo or a parasol- with lots of light and air. For those with relatively smaller outdoor spaces, opening as many windows as you can, and combine with white table clothes, pastels, and clear/ tinted glass. This will give the illusion of a bigger space together with a Mediterranean feel, giving the impression of a sunny gathering in the Algarve. For those looking to meet friends in parks or communal backyards- a good picnic blanket goes a long way. ‘Refreshing’ should be the word of the hour as your guests arrive, a light and crisp cocktail is a lovely welcome for them.

Food? Drinks? Good question.

As much as we all aspire to be Martha Stewart, not all of us possess the grace nor culinary skills. We recommend you keep your picnic, lunch or dinner simple (it is a bank holiday after all)- “ready to serve” is your best friend. Garnishes really elevate everything- cucumber or lime in jugs of water, a sprinkle of dill on smoked salmon and suddenly you’re the hostess with the mostess. Letting your guests put together their own plates, while the drinks (especially the cocktails) are flowing, will keep conversation and libations going. In fact, all of our cocktails are easy to serve, check out our YouTube page and dazzle your guests with your own master mixology skills.

Atmosphere and vibes.

As the bank holiday starts to wind down you will be glad you kept with simple, very few dishes and even less to worry about. Having a carefully curated playlist is an easy way to keep the ambiance going (and if it’s a speakeasy vibe you’re after- we have one on our Spotify). As you transition from lighter and uplifting drinks to a more laidback mood, we have the ready to serve drinks to match. Darker liquor or bitter infusions are perfect for comfortable dusk or night-time drinking- something to sip as you cosy up, relax and breathe.

And there you have it, a perfect bank holiday afternoon or evening constructed for you by us. Dazzling your guests with cocktails pairings is easy and with the LAIBA Tasting Set - which caters to all palates, you too can be a master mixologist as well as a great host.