Below you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. However, if you do not find the answer you were looking for, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Frequently Asked Questions

LAIBA stems from the two Chinese characters: 来吧, which mean "Come" and "Bar". As such it can be understood as "The bar that comes to you".

We currently sell 8 cocktails as a part of our LAIBA Luxury Line and three cocktails in our GANBEi line. Furthermore, we produce customised, co-branded cocktails with more than 20 world-class bars.

Our cocktails are three-time winners of a Silver Medal from the prestigious San Francisco World Spirit Awards. Accredited by an expert panel of judges, all of our entries were awarded with honors, denoting "outstanding spirits that show refinement, finesse and complexity; these winners are among the best examples of their category". Some of the best bars in Asia, and the rest of the world recognise the quality of our drinks and offer them in their own bars.

Through natural remedies, the shelf life is 18-36 months depending on the cocktail. Every cocktail has an expiry date marked on the bottle. However, we are sure you will finish it before!

We recommend storing your cocktails in a cool, dry place (<20 degrees Celsius). You can either store them on your shelves or store them in the fridge.

Our cocktails generally amount to a generous bar pour. Our bottles are 125ml and 90ml for our more spirit-forward range. We also make 750ml versions.

The ABV of our cocktails ranges from 11.7% (In Love with Rosemary) and up to 26.3% (Earl's Old Fashioned). The ABV information is available in the product descriptions for each product and on the bottles themselves.

Our cocktails can be served in three easy steps. First, add ice into a glass. Second, shake the bottle and pour over ice. Third, add garnish. We provide video walkthroughs on how to serve each cocktail on the product pages. Alternatively, you can access the Youtube playlist directly here.

Yes, we do! Our Passion De-Light and Bloody Mary have the lowest calorie count of our collection, with 104 and 108 calories per serving, respectively. For comparison, the same size serving of a Vodka Soda would contain 100 calories.

All of our cocktails are gluten-free, and all are vegan except for the Bloody Mary which contains a trace amount of Anchovies from Worcestershire Sauce.

All our ingredients are sustainably sourced, and we source our base spirits from the award-winning distillery Peddlers Gin Company. We use well-known and high-quality spirits that are available to world-class mixologists such as Aperol, Bacardi Black, Campari and Cinzano.

We spent two years on research and development, figuring out how to bottle cocktails of the highest quality that retain their excellence over a long shelf life, without adding any preservatives. We use HPP (High-Pressure Processing) to guarantee the freshness of our cold-pressed juices over a longer period, thus enabling the cocktails to last so long!

Depending on your enquiry, you can either send us an email or even start scheduling a meeting with our sales team right here!