From the early beginnings in 2017, spending two-years on figuring out how to bottle cocktails of the highest quality, and till today, where LAIBA has a range of award-winning, handcrafted bottled cocktails that use only natural ingredients. The journey has been as exciting as it has been rapid.

From early beginnings

LAIBA was founded in 2017 by Alexander Petersen, Lars Battefeld and Mark Connolly. Michael Chen, our partner mixologist, also joined LAIBA in the beginning stages.
LAIBA originally started as a cocktail catering business and although business was growing rapidly, it was recognized that prepping cocktails from scratch at busy events was time consuming and not scalable.
With the breakthrough of bottling cocktails, the company soon realized the opportunities beyond events and the multitude of occasions where cocktails could now be served.


LAIBA began in 2017 on the stools of a bar, on one simple premise: how can we craft the perfect cocktail that anyone, anywhere can enjoy?

BEHIND the recipes

LAIBA Master Mixologist & Partner, Michael Chen, hails from New Zealand with Taiwanese heritage. Michael brought world class mixology to LAIBA, having worked in some of the best bars in the world, including Eau-de-Vie Sydney. He crafted the collection now known as the "LAIBA Luxury Line", which has since been the staple of LAIBA.


After spending two-years on research and development, figuring out how to bottle cocktails of the highest quality that retain their excellence over a long shelf life. Today, LAIBA has a range of handcrafted bottled cocktails that use only natural ingredients: including award-winning craft spirits and cold press juices, that, through natural remedies, have reached a shelf life of 18 to 36 months.

The rest is history

LAIBA now caters to hundreds of customers in luxury hotels, premium restaurants, bars, cafe, select retail, airlines, cruise ships and with much more to come. Every cocktail crafted to original recipes, finished in the bottle and ready to serve. With LAIBA, it now only takes 30 seconds, start to finish, to make a world-class cocktail.