Pioneering to produce an unrivalled cocktail experience on any occasion. At the heart of every bottle lies a mastery of mixology. LAIBA employ the world's best mixologists to create an experience that embodies finesse and craftmanship. The mastery of our mixologists and the passion behind every bottle is absolute.

premium retail

LAIBA allow consumers to enjoy world-class mixology from the comfort of their own home.

With the ease of pouring a glass of wine, consumers can discover our range of premium bottled cocktails by simply pouring over ice, and adding garnish.

Maximize customer expectation and average spend with award-winning cocktails made with sustainably-sourced natural ingredients and premium spirits, boasting a long shelf-life of 18 to 36 months.


LAIBA began in 2017 on the stools of a bar, on one simple premise: how can we craft the perfect cocktail that anyone, anywhere can enjoy?

A unique offering that shines

We put world-class mixology in a bottle, with zero compromise on flavour. Our cocktails are three-time award-winners from the prestigious San Francisco World Spirit Awards, and some of the best bars in the world recognise the quality of our drinks and serve them in their bars.


Our co-founders Alexander, Mark & Lars, working in different parts of the drinks business, had both spotted that premium spirits were growing quickly, fuelled by consumers’ increasing awareness of the provenance of what they ate and drank.However, this growing interest in premium food and drink had seemed to neglect mixers, a crucial element of the drinks industry that remained flat. It struck them both as extraordinary that people were paying a good deal of money for a high-quality spirit, so a similarly premium mixer was needed.

A premium product with good margins

All our signature cocktails have been expertly crafted by founding partner and Beverage Director, Michael Chen - an award-winning mixologist, considered one of the best in Asia.

Crafted from premium, distinguished and sustainably sourced spirits, our high-pressure processing (HPP) techniques preserve the complete freshness of our natural ingredients. No preservatives, no artificial additives.