Happy World Cocktail Day!

12 May. 2021, 21:55
Happy World Cocktail Day!

On the 13th of May 1806, the first definition of the term ‘cocktail’ in the New York tabloid paper The Balance and Columbian Repository. Since then, not only has the word 'cocktail' been accepted into the popular vernacular but a culture has developed around it.

From the 1860s to the Prohibition Era, is widely accepted the golden age of cocktails, meaning that not only were cocktails popular but they became a reason for gatherings and parties. Though these parties were popular they were not actually named, ‘cocktail parties’, until 1917 - just three years before prohibition. Cocktails at this time were kept simple and easy to serve meaning Martinis, Manhattans and Daiquiris were very popular.

When Prohibition began in 1920 and the consumption of alcohol was outlawed in the US to halt the sale of alcoholic drinks. In response to this, venues went underground and created speakeasies (so called because patrons had to speak quietly to avoid police detection). The low lights and underground ambiance gave birth to a new aesthetic which LAIBA has been inspired by. Throughout the 20th century, cocktails became not only a must on a night out or garden party but also in everything we read, watch and listen to. Whether it is ‘shaken not stirred’, ‘a sweet vermouth on the rocks’ or in a ‘pink martini glass’ all of our favourite characters enjoy a well-mixed alcoholic drink.

Like patrons during prohibition, we can all related to not being able to able to drink at our favourite venues but thank goodness we could still have a good drink at home. At LAIBA not only did we want to bring bar quality cocktails directly to your home, but we have also worked with world class mixologists to make sure that the flavours mirror the rich culture behind them.  We aim to celebrate mixologists that take the classics and remix them with their own history and twist. Bringing this to your home bar is not just goal for us but it's in our DNA, LAIBA was birthed with the help of Michael Chen who worked closely with us to created our on twist on the classics as well as creating brand new blends ourselves. 

So, whether you shake and serve the Earl’s Old Fashioned as a homage to the speakeasies of days gone by or if you’re channelling your inner supermodel with an Espresso Martini, celebrate with LAIBA this World Cocktail Day.