LAIBA is proud to be a carbon neutral company!

Doing well, and doing good

At LAIBA we are committed to supporting the community around us. Whether that be our staff, our clients, our wonderful customers, or the natural environment which we all rely on. We believe in taking responsibility for the impact that we as a business have on the world, so with this in mind, we are happy to announce that for 2020 and moving forward: LAIBA Beverages is now a carbon-neutral company.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve, and as such we have continued to focus on sustainability, diversity and inclusivity in every part of our organization. We have taken many steps to ensure that as a business we are not only doing well, but doing good.

Yuxian Baiyantuo Wind Power Project

As a Shanghai-based company, it is important that we make a difference here in China. In rural Yu County, Hebei Province, there is a drastic shortage of clean energy. All of the electricity generated in this region comes from high-polluting thermal power plants.

The Wind Power Project aims to build 58 sets of wind turbines in this region, which will serve as a new renewable source of energy for decades to come. Estimates put the total reduction in carbon emissions at 99,501 tonnes of CO2 per year – the same weight as over 660 blue whales.

The Project will not only supply renewable electricity, but also contribute to sustainable development within the local community: providing cheap access to power and creating local jobs – but above all, serving as a powerful example to the rest of China, of the long-term benefits of going green.

Reforestation in Kenya and the Amazon Rainforest

This project is dedicated to planting trees in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, alongside a partner program in Brazil which prevents deforestation in the Amazon – the largest remaining rainforest in the world containing 10% of all species on Earth.

By preserving and planting trees, we are both removing carbon from the atmosphere and also improving the biodiversity of the ecosystem. There are significant spill over benefits to local agriculture resulting from reforestation too, with the forest’s improved water drainage contributing greatly to farming.

Over 20 local community members make their livelihoods from this project, and many more families are dependent on the agriculture it helps to sustain. The project includes an empowerment scheme, where the members are now owners of dairy cows from which they get additional income from the sale of milk. The project is strongly focused on empowering women, who comprise well over half of the project team.

Over the last ten years alone, the reforestation project in Kenya has planted over 170,000 trees and rehabilitated over 160 hectares of the forest.

D&I Hiring Policies & Community Support

Sustainability at LAIBA doesn’t just apply to climate change. We are on a mission to create a team that feels empowered and represented over the entire course of their career. LAIBA Beverages may be based in Shanghai, however our diverse and varied international staff is the source of our shared success. Diversity has, from the start, afforded our company a unique blend of perspectives, and we are constantly working to ensure we have equal opportunities throughout every facet of our organization. If we want to create a diverse product, we need a diverse team and leadership.

We strive to encourage a multi-cultural environment which allows all our employees to bring their whole selves to work and understand they can climb the career ladder internally with a sense of belonging. With LAIBA, people of all races, genders, sexualities, religions, socio-economic backgrounds and cultures are welcome.