Three More Famous Bars Join Bar in a Bottle – try them now!

February 26, 2020

Shop the best cocktails in China on The Virtual Bar Street

Last week saw the launch of:

Bar in a Bottle

– bringing together the best bars in China to showcase their finest cocktails to the public. For the first time ever, you can experience their world-class mixology from the comfort of your own home.

We saw mind-blowing creations from SHAKE, The Union Trading Company, Logan’s Punch, Peddler’s Gin and LAIBA – all available for purchase China-wide on The Virtual Bar Street WeChat store. A list that boasts mixologists from The World’s Top 50, and Asia’s Top 50 Bars!

But this week, it gets even better…


The first of our BEIJING bars to be added was founded in 2016 in Sanlitun Nali Patio, with team members from Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. An important emphasis is placed on seasonality to make cocktails with the freshest natural ingredients. The legendary Black Moth bar brings two signature cocktails from their “Museum of Liquid”:


A drink with Peddler’s Gin, pineapple juice and an earthy kick of cumin caramel syrup to round it out.

Rose & Earl Grey

Another Peddler’s gin-based cocktail, this time with earl grey tea and rose flavored syrup for a truly exuberant libation.

and next…


From Xintiandi, Shanghai, the sylish 80s are back, with The Odd Couple. The bar is a collaboration between two world famous bartenders from opposite sides of the globe: Shingo Gokan and Steve Schneider. Both born in the 80s, they draw inspiration from this high-energy, fun-loving decade to fill their bar with its neon glow. Here are their two powerhouse creations:

TOC Gimlet

A twist on a classic gimlet, using Peddler’s gin, orange, grapefruit and spice for cocktail with some kick.

Dangerous Maverick

An original creation with Peddler’s gin, pineapple, watermelon and basil giving the drink an exciting fresh edge.

Coming next is…


Another juggernaut of the BEIJING social scene, El Barrio brings Mexican flair to the cocktail business. El Barrio, meaning “Neighbourhood” in Spanish – is a fun and colourful Mexican restaurant, bar and rooftop lounge serving up authentic cuisine, Mexican inspired cocktails and a diverse range of tequila and mezcal.

London Flux

Coriander-infused Peddler’s gin is mixed with lime, ginger and bitters to create a fresh-tasting, perfectly balanced martini.

Strawberry Margarita

A brilliantly fruity margarita. Intensely strawberry, with soft agave flavor and hints of citrus and herb.

and to top it all off…


LAIBA and Michael Chen bring you: GANBEi – the premium, low-calorie cocktail line; now available on The Virtual Bar Street for delivery China-wide! Three uniquely great-tasting cocktails that are 100% natural, low-calorie and have zero added sugar. The gyms are all closed, so here’s a way to be smart with your drink choices 😉

With 9 different vendors to choose from, and many more bars from other cities coming soon, you can truly sample the best mixology in the world right now.

These creations are all small-batch limited edition so hurry and get yours while you have the chance!

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