How Implementing LAIBA Cocktails Will Benefit Your Hotel

September 24, 2020

Find out why we’re trusted by over 150 luxury hotels across Asia.

LAIBA bottled cocktails are a tried and tested solution for luxury hotels throughout Asia.

Whether it’s the bars and restaurants, mini-bar, in-room dining, executive lounge, or VIP amenities: our bottled cocktails have a proven track record. Implementing LAIBA leads to an increase in cocktail revenue, reduced wastage and an overall improvement in guest satisfaction.

That’s why we’re trusted by over 150 hotels across China and Asia.

Who is LAIBA Beverages?

The story of LAIBA starts with Michael Chen, former bartender at Eau-De-Vie Sydney, ranked as 13th best in the world, 2011 and bar manager of The Roosevelt. He is now bar director of the Nest, Cannery and Rye & Co. – three of the top bars in Shanghai.

Michael’s goal was to bring the cocktails we put in a bottle to the same level of quality as those served in the best bars in the world. Together with Alexander Petersen, Mark Connolly and Lars Battefeld they created LAIBA Beverages to do just that.

What makes a LAIBA cocktail special?

We spent two-years on research and development, figuring out how to bottle cocktails of the highest quality that retain their excellence over a long shelf life. Today, LAIBA has a range of handcrafted bottled cocktails that use only natural ingredients: including award-winning craft spirits and cold press juices, that, through natural remedies, have reached a shelf life of 18 to 36 months.

All of our cocktails are designed and crafted to Michael’s own original recipes, finished in the bottle – ready to serve. This means that you just need to put ice in a glass, pour in the cocktail, and add garnish. It only takes 30 seconds, start to finish, to make a world class cocktail.

What are our awards and recognitions?

We recently submitted three of our cocktails to the 2020 San Francisco World Spirit Awards and all three of our entries were awarded a silver medal, denoting an outstanding product in our field. Some of the best bars in Asia, and the rest of the world recognise the quality of our drinks and offer them in their own bars.

“Outstanding spirits that show refinement, finesse, and complexity; these winners are among the best examples of their category.”

Our bottling process flawlessly preserves the flavour profile of any cocktail. We have been trusted by countless top bars to bottle some of their signature recipes. Union Trading Company (Asia’s 50 best for 4 consecutive years) and E.P.I.C. are two examples of bars who have collaborated with us to bottle and share their cocktails with the world.

How does this translate to hotels?

Naturally, one of the first places that hotel operators would see LAIBA being implemented, is on the rooms side: for mini-bar, in room dining, executive lounge or amenities.

The main purpose is to help increase guest experience in the rooms.

In-room service…


With ready-to-serve cocktails in the mini-bar, you can offer world class drinks whether it’s 3pm or 3am without the need for a skilled bartender on call. Furthermore, through having a wider selection of mini-bar amenities, you are catering to an underrepresented consumer base who enjoy cocktails in their room. Our products consistently rank in the top 3 for mini-bar and in-room dining alcohol purchases, which is a lost source of revenue for any hotel not providing cocktails.

The Waldorf Astoria Beijing and Peninsula Shanghai are two of our clients which have seen substantial growth in their revenue from amenities after adding LAIBA to the mini-bar.

Executive Lounge

When it comes to the executive lounge, LAIBA is an easy upgrade to your happy hour menu without increasing your costs. This can be as simple as setting up a DIY self-service bar for your guests, or having any level of staff serve the drinks.


A common amenity to give VIPs is a bottle of wine, however, hotels often have a constrained budget to work with in this regard. This means that the bottle of wine offered will generally not ‘wow’ their guests.

Instead, you could offer cocktails that are designed by a supremely talented mixologist for half of the budget of a usual bottle of wine, and you will be able to impress your guests with a new and exciting product.

We have seen it work with great efficacy at W Suzhou and Grand Hyatt Singapore.

Hotel Restaurant & Bar…

The area we see the most success at hotels is in their restaurants and bars. This can be divided into 2 main categories: restaurants and bars that don’t have a cocktail program, and ones that have a strong cocktail program.

If you don’t have a cocktail program

In this first case, LAIBA can become the entire cocktail program. It is undoubtedly a large undertaking to implement a new cocktail menu, but through using LAIBA, this transition is made simple.

Our full range of eleven cocktails provides a comprehensive variety of drinks for guests to choose from, and our team can help design a menu tailored to your branding.

Given that craft cocktails are becoming more universally understood and demanded by customers, it is essential to meet these demands.

The Langham Xintiandi and the InterContinental Chengdu were both able to expand their menu offering greatly, simply by implementing LAIBA at their venues and offering a

Hotels with an existing cocktail bar

In cocktail bars, volume bars, or restaurants with a strong cocktail program, the speed of service associated with our cocktails is a major factor in growing the overall cocktail revenue.

Industry average serving speed is between 10-15 mins per drink during normal hours, and 20-30 mins during busy hours. Our goal is to help you greatly reduce the serving time of all your cocktails, not just from the bottled cocktails we provide.

Taking care of guests within their first minutes of arrival is a major factor in their overall experience. When the bar is busy, your staff can up-sell our quick serve options as a welcome drink to get your guests sitting down – relaxed with their first drink in hand.

Your bartenders will be under less time-pressure to get their signatures out quicker, with less stress due to a more controlled order flow. Ultimately your hotel owners will benefit from an increased revenue that results from a faster turnover.

Implementing LAIBA does not mean reducing the importance of your bartending staff. Our quick-serve options are perfect as a complement to an existing cocktail menu and are designed to improve all-round efficiency at your bar.

El Barrio in Beijing, one of the city’s premier roof top lounges and cocktail bars saw a 28% increase in cocktail revenue by adding LAIBA drinks as a compliment to their much larger in-house cocktail menu.

Events catering

Traditionally, there are high costs and large amounts of wastage associated with events catering. It is notoriously difficult to offer high quality cocktails without charging a massive premium. But given the fact that anyone can serve our drinks, this negates the need for a skilled bartender, and the workload can be supplemented by many members of staff with minimal training.

Additionally, there would be zero waste with our drinks given their long shelf life and specific serving size.


LAIBA cocktails can be used in any channel of your hotel and their three main advantages are:

Increase your cocktail revenue by 20-50%

Reduce your wastage from the industry average 25%

Increase serving-speed and guest satisfaction by offering high-quality and consistent cocktails

If you are interested in implementing LAIBA in your hotel, or have any further questions, please reach out to us and get in touch with one of our associates who can guide you through the process!