LAIBA Secures New Capital for Rapid International Expansion

October 22, 2020

Asia’s leading premium bottled cocktail company sets its sights on new horizons.

SHANGHAI, October 22, 2020. Today, LAIBA Beverages, a pioneering start-up in the premium ready-to-drink cocktails market, secures new capital funding for its next continental expansion. The Shanghai-based bottled cocktail company offers a luxury solution for both businesses and consumers who want to experience high- quality cocktails that can be served by anyone, anywhere.

As the global pandemic continues to shift the behavior of consumers worldwide, people increasingly seek premium products that can be enjoyed in the home. In the face of new demand for ready-to-serve beverages, LAIBA provides a new and exciting product for the well-established cocktail scene.

Together with award-winning mixologist and founding partner Michael Chen, Alexander Petersen, Mark Connolly and Lars Battefeld set out to revolutionize the way in which people drink alcohol, with a line of premium cocktails that retain their high-quality over a shelf life of 18-36 months.

“Our goal was to create a bottled cocktail that is at the same level of quality as those served in the best bars in the world”

Alexander Petersen, CEO

Beginning their journey 3 years ago, LAIBA saw widespread adoption in the hospitality industry. Their bottled cocktails are now served in hundreds of hotels across China and South-East Asia as well as countless restaurants and bars, who benefit from the lightning-fast serving speed and consistent high quality found in ready-to-serve drinks.

High profile partnerships with Pernod Ricard and IHG, alongside multiple soon to be announced partnerships with global airline and cruise line companies, have cemented LAIBA as the premier ready-to-serve premium cocktail solution globally. Spurred on by fresh investment capital, LAIBA has set its sights on targeting the EU and United Kingdom, as well as further expansion throughout the Asia Pacific region.

“Our next step is expanding our geographic coverage strategically throughout the world, with our team working tirelessly to ensure that luxury travelers can enjoy LAIBA at, and on their way to, their favorite destinations”

Alexander Petersen, CEO

2020 also saw a rapid growth in e-commerce for the company. Through their new delivery networks, LAIBA Beverages now sells cocktails direct to consumers through their online platforms in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cambodia and Thailand, with the UK, EU and Australia launching by the end of the year.

LAIBA Beverages was able to secure a portion of their investment through NextStep Studio with a majority coming through direct funding. They are open to working with financial advisors as they continue to grow and bring their award-winning cocktails to the rest of the world.

About LAIBA Beverages

LAIBA Beverages is Asia’s leading bottled cocktail brand. They provide a beverage solution: cocktails that can be served quickly and easily by anyone, yet have the quality and consistency of a professional bartender. Developed by award-winning mixologist Michael Chen, they use premium spirits and cold pressed, high pressure processed juices, that retain their freshness and flavor over a shelf life of 18-36 months. LAIBA’s goal is to bring high-quality mixology to the world through sustainable practices, protecting the environment for future generations.

Contact CEO Alexander Petersen for enquiries and future partnerships.