LAIBA & Peddler’s Gin are proud to introduce: Bar in a Bottle

February 19, 2020

Our new Virtual Bar Street will let you purchase cocktails directly from your favorite bars!

China is fast becoming the premier destination for world-class bars run by internationally-renowned mixologists.

Many of Asia’s 50 Best Bars are spread across the country but for the first time ever, we will be bringing their finest cocktails straight to you.

With the current closure of many businesses across China, it is harder than ever for the adventurous drinker to seek out the best cocktails. But with Bar in a Bottle it has never been easier.

A selection of the top mixologists in China will be showcasing their recipes:

Michael Chen

Former General Manager of Eau-de-vie while ranked 13th Best Bar in the World and CHIVAS bartender of the year 2018 winner.

Yao Lu

Asia’s 50 Best Bars four-time-recipient and celebrated mixologist.

Colin Tait

2019 Entertainment Venue of the year recipient and veteran mixologist.

Logan Brouse

2019 Most Loved New Bar of the Year mixologist.

With many more cities and bars coming soon…

Each mixologist has released two of the best recipes from their repertoire which you can now purchase online through the Bar in a Bottle WeChat Mini-Program: Virtual Bar Street.

Through buying your favorite bar’s cocktails online, they will receive a percentage of the sale, so during this time of closures you can support your favorite establishments.

25% of profits from this initiative will be donated to help Wuhan, so while we enjoy our drinks we can give back to a worthy cause.

Visit the Virtual Bar Street here:     

…and discover premium mixology in a bottle.

Read more about our talented collaborators:

The Union Trading Company​

Asia’s 50 Best Bars: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.

Mixologist: Yao Lu

The most celebrated neighborhood-style cocktail bar in China, the Union Trading Company has been named for four consecutive years as one of Asia’s 50 Best Bars. The cocktails are known for their uber-seasonality and creativity, with star mixologist Yao Lu at the helm.


2019 TimeOut Love Awards: Entertainment Venue of The Year

2018 Drink Magazine Awards: Best Music Program in China

2018 That’s Shanghai Awards: Chef of The Year, Danyi Gao

2018 Chef Nic [风味] TV Series: First Place, Danyi Gao

Mixologist: Colin Tait

Travel up the steps at #46 Maoming Lu and you’ll find Shanghai’s house of funk and soul. SHAKE is an intimate supper club and night spot with live music six nights a week, soulful food from award-winning chef Danyi Gao and bold cocktails by veteran bar manager Colin Tait. With award-winning cocktails and anelectric atmosphere, thanks to SHAKE: Shanghai’s golden era is now.


2019 Timeout Shanghai’s “Most Loved New Bar of the Year”

Mixologist: Logan Brouse

Globetrotting rapscallion and mixologist, with a rakish charm – bar owner Logan created this bar in his own image. Now Shanghai’s premier Punch bar. One that reflects their ethos of imitating great sex: as etting where adults can do something they love with no judgement and everyone leaves satisfied (and a little sticky).


2019 Timeout Shanghai’s “Lifestyle Service of the Year”

Mixologist: Michael Chen

Michael is the former General Manager for Eau-de-Vie bar in Sydney where he propelled it into the World’s Top 50 Bars for four consecutive years, placing 13th in the world at its peak. He won the 2018 CHIVAS Masters competition and was named bartender of the year. Now at LAIBA he has crafted a collection of signature cocktails with the same passion and talent amassed over a successful career.


2019 Bronze Medal at the World Spirits Awards for their Rare Eastern Peddler’s Gin.

2019 Silver Medal at the World Spirits Awards for their Barrel-Aged Peddler’s Gin.

2019 Drink Magazine “Bar Brand of the Year”

Double-distilled and vapor-infused in a copper alembic still, each organic ingredient is captured at its purest and freshest form. A time-worthy process, a gold medal winning recipe, eleven botanicals foraged and fused. Peddler’s is meticulously crafted in small batches to ensure quality and flavor are never compromised.