LAIBA CEO Alexander Petersen Wins Entrepreneur of the Year 2020

November 3, 2020

The Danish Chamber of Commerce in China has chosen its winner.

SHANGHAI, October 31, 2020. Alexander Petersen, Co-Founder and CEO of LAIBA Beverages is awarded ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2020’ from the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China.

“Alexander Petersen has been awarded this prize in recognition of his company’s display of adaptability and innovation in the face of the global pandemic.

Despite being a company founded in Shanghai, China, LAIBA remains focused and aligned with Danish ways of doing business, such as “freedom with responsibilities” for the workforce, as well as the company’s focus on quality and design.

LAIBA has shown genuine ingenuity in the face of crisis, and it is for these reasons that he is a very deserving recipient of Entrepreneur of the Year.”

Danish Chamber of Commerce in China.

This marks a significant milestone for both Alex and his company LAIBA Beverages, who have gone from strength to strength in the last year, with this prestigious award cementing the progress that the startup has made.

The company has humble beginnings, starting in a small apartment – now, a short three years later, employing over 30 members of staff across 5 countries, with offices in Shanghai, Bangkok and London. Having secured millions of dollars in funding, LAIBA Beverages has gone on to partner with multiple hotels, airlines and cruise line companies worldwide, with their e-commerce platforms selling cocktails all across Asia, with Europe launching soon.

At the onset of the global pandemic, LAIBA Beverages has been widely praised across the industry for its bold decision to expand into e-commerce. Their pioneering ‘Bar in a Bottle’ initiative made waves by bringing together bars across China for a profit-sharing collaboration in times of need.

With 2020 coming to a close, LAIBA Beverages has continued to grow and expand, staying true to its core values and making significant improvements in sustainability, on the way to becoming carbon-neutral.

Simon Lichtenberg (left) and Alexander Petersen (right)

Alex’s Story

Alex grew up in the suburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark, however he spent many of his formative years abroad – studying in Vancouver and Hong Kong, eventually settling in Shanghai in 2013.

Together with Co-Founder and award-winning mixologist Michael Chen, Alex and his two friends Mark Connolly and Lars Battefeld set out to revolutionize the the way in which people drink alcohol, with a line of premium cocktails that retain their high quality over a long shelf-life and can be served by anyone, anywhere.

(left to right) Chanelle Bussell, Mark Connolly, Johanne Villumsen, Lars Battefeld, Alexander Petersen, Lauren Clemett

“I have always had an affinity for the Chinese entrepreneur landscape, and over the course of my career I have tried to hold my Danish values close. LAIBA Beverages may be based in Shanghai, however our rich and varied international staff has allowed us to imbue everything we do with a blend of unique perspectives, which, in an increasingly global market, has been integral to our shared success.”

Alexander Petersen

Alex’s deep appreciation for Asian culture has had a great influence on both his personal and business development, culminating recently in his graduation from Shanghai Jiao Tong University with an MBA, taught exclusively in Mandarin Chinese.

As the company continues to grow, Alex and his team are aligned in their shared vision and will continue to take forward the values and practices that have led to their success.


LAIBA Beverages is Asia’s leading bottled cocktail brand. They provide a beverage solution: cocktails that can be served quickly and easily by anyone, yet have the quality and consistency of a professional bartender. Developed by award-winning mixologist Michael Chen, they use premium spirits and cold pressed, high pressure processed juices, that retain their freshness and flavor over a shelf life of 18-36 months. LAIBA’s goal is to bring high-quality mixology to the world through sustainable practices, protecting the environment for future generations.

Contact CEO Alexander Petersen for business inquiries and future partnerships.