InterContinental Hotels Group, 2019

LAIBA Beverages offers a unique range of customization for our clients. We have created two signature cocktail ranges for the Intercontinental Hotel Group which they have implemented across their Asia branches. Our expert mixologist designs a menu that tells a story throughout: from recipe and ingredients, all the way through to presentation, the entire range is bespoke.

CHAR Restaurant & Bar

Working together with their restaurant chain CHAR we created a unique set of cocktails with custom flavours, glassware and labels. For this collaboration, we created the "CHAR Mojito": a raspberry mojito with notes of mint, and "The Ginsider": a revamped twist on a classic Moscow Mule.

Cai Feng Lou

For the Intercontinental Hotel Group’s signature Chinese restaurant, we created a new range of four unique cocktails and serving presentations. Our cocktail curator Michael Chen designed tailor-made recipes that reflected the culture and spirit that Cai Feng Lou represents: the "Yunnan Sour", "Canton Club", "Oolong Lychee Daiquiri" and "Passion Mojito" all reflecting the rich and varied culture of China. Their customized cocktails are now being sold in 25 locations across China.