"Bringing together the best bars in China & Hong Kong, Bar In A Bottle showcases the best cocktails Asia has to offer. For the first time ever, giving people the chance to experience mixology from world-class bartenders in the comfort of their own home."

Bottling up the best bars

LAIBA, in collaboration with Peddlers Gin, created Bar in a Bottle: a platform where bars can connect with their guests and generate revenue, whether or not they’re not open for business. Bar in a Bottle puts cocktail recipes created by top bars and bartenders around Asia into bottles, with no overhead costs to the bars themselves – they simply create the recipe and LAIBA takes care of production and distribution; footing the bill for the liquid and logistics.

Through Bar in a Bottle, guests who are missing their favourite bars can order cocktail packs online, and enjoy drinks from the comfort and safety of their homes. In China, this includes offerings from Union Trading Company, Black Moth, Logan’s Punch, El Barrio, Shake, E.P.I.C., RMK, MILL, UP and Arch by Tastebuds. In Hong Kong, The Old Man, COA, The Pontiac, Otto e Mezzo Bombana, Stockton and Quinary are partners of the project.

This innovative new concept has never been done before, giving top bartneders a platform to sell their finest creations. The best part about it? Customers are now able to support their local bars, in spite of COVID-19. On top of that, they can discover bars and products that they normally wouldn’t have access to, whether that be because of geography or lockdown. "We essentially leveraged other local brands and created products people can have at home. People can support businesses they used to go to and have the same quality as they experienced there." adds Alexander Petersen, CEO of LAIBA Beverages. As such, home delivery platforms selling retailable products have since become a key service that we as a company have been fortunate to supply.